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live online classes

With the Covid-19 pandemic meaning our classes are not currently running, we have now made them available online!

So join Nell for live online classes where you can continue your Yoga development at a reduced rate of £12 per class.

For more information and to book your place in the virtual studio, contact Nell at [email protected]

yoga forever academy

Can't make the online classes or prefer to learn in your own time? Then join the Yoga Forever Academy!

These extensive classes will be available with a subscription service, completely ad-free and exclusive to subscribers. These video classes will be in depth and complete with readings and final relaxations, expertly written articles and other exclusive content

So join the Academy today and take your Yoga to a new level!



Nell is quite simply the best yoga teacher I have ever had the privilege of knowing in my more than 25 years of yoga practice. She has an exceptionally outgoing and bubbly personality, which inspires and motivates while at the same time she allows one the necessary space to develop and grow one's practice from the inside out. Flavella Fielding

I can’t tell you how much I enjoyed our trip to Cyprus with you. Such a beautiful combination of fun, challenging exercise, blissful relaxation, and the most wonderful group of new friends. You manage to create such a welcoming and nurturing environment, that it truly feels as if the merry-go-round of life has paused for a short while to allow us all to recharge. Thank you! Emma Purnell

The details matter! Nell knows how to keep you progressing day after day without pressure. Keep focusing on the details whithout compromising the enjoyment of the class. Very subtle! Nell is not only skilled but also very professional, classes are always very well prepared. Enjoy! Laurent Useldinger

The holidays are fantastic, but it is Nell's teaching that makes it so special - even when teaching 16 people she seems to be able to give everyone individual attention without loosing the flow of the lesson. She blends concentration with humour and spirituality. Andrew Wright


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